And as she taxied on the runway she wondered if she would ever be back here again. Oil on wood, 2008, 18cm x 12cm

$105 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.  SOLD



Memory, 2008, oil on cradled wood panel with distressed edges.

This piece is painted on an irregularly shaped block, roughly 12cmx 17cm.  Part of the Urban jetsam series of small paintings.


On holiday earlier this year, we found a solitary white feather at a skate park. Beautiful, pure, with a dark line running through it.

It lay there in the sun, abandoned and with an energy of it’s own, and I was reminded, yet again, of how transient all things are, and how objects, no matter how important they seem at the time are irrelevant at the end of the day.

Memory – $105 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.  SOLD


Playtime, 2008, oil on wood, 9.5cm x 10.4cm


Playtime – side view.

A teeny, tiny one, from my Knees and Toes series.

$60 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

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Nestle, 2008, oil on wood, cradled panel, 18.5cm x 13cm

These three ‘prayer eggs’ were bought many years ago, and still inspire awe in me.  They may be made of natural glass, or perhaps polished quartz.  They are smooth, and pitted and imperfect.  Translucent and opaque.  They lie, nestled in an oval boat-shaped vessel that could have been made for them, and make me calm just looking at them.

I don’t often paint still life, but this one was a joy, and captures a set of objects that are precious to me.


The sides of this piece are weathered.  Urban Jetsam.

Nestle, 2008, oil on wood, mounted on a cradled panel.$105 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.

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The new idea, 2008, oil on wood, cradled panel, 18.5cm x 13cm

It is my intention that this little piece be a memento of a new beginning, and a new life.  He is watching the birds – representing opportunity, and thinking of the scarecrow that he has built, which may have dissuaded opportunity in the past.  He is considering his next step – a new beginning, and being brave enough to just take off and go with the flow.

Courage is an everyday matter I feel. 🙂


The sides of this piece are weathered and one part has been intentionally chipped and smoothed off.  I love the feel of weathered objects.  Pieces that have been handled and lived and now have an energy of their own.  Urban Jetsam.

The New Idea, 2008, oil on wood, mounted on a cradled panel.$105 + $10 postage anywhere in the world.



Hi and welcome.

For some time now, I have been making small paintings to go along with my regular exhibitions.  They have always been popular, and are fun to paint – though as challenging as a larger painting I find. 🙂

On this blog you will find small works added regularly and available for purchase (until sold).  Subjects will be wide and varied, and may include exploratory landscapes, works from my knees and toes series, a still life from time to time, and exploratory figurative works which may be studies for a larger painting, or a small painting in their own right.

I look forward to this new (small) adventure, and hope you will add me to your feed list to keep in touch with new works as they are added.


September 2018
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Small paintings by Contemporary Australian artist Michelle Giacobello. These works will not be shown at Galleries, and are only available online.